Individual user accounts will have default storage allocations:

20 GBytes. This directory should be used to store important files like source codes, configuration files, executable files. This directory will be backed up on a regular basis. These HOME directories are part of a ZFS file system and are mounted via NFS to all nodes. HOME should not used to write files when running jobs. See SCRATCH.)
512 Gbytes/Lustre. This space is not backed up. It should be used to read/write files when running jobs. Extensions to 1 Tbyte will be considered for short times and per request.
1024 GBytes. This allocation should be used to store large files.
This directory will be allocated to users who make a request to their Deans. It is part of the Lustre file system and will be shared with all members of the group.
This ZFS space will be allocated to users per request to their Deans. It can be shared between group users. Although it is not high performance storage it can be used for large data analytics.