These guidelines were taken mainly from NASA.

1 – Always avoid using “ls -l”. The additional information requested (ownership, file permission, size) is stored on the metadata servers (MDT) and Object Store Targets (OST) so this information needs to access these¬† servers for each file.¬† Try the simple “ls” command or if you know the name of the file use it.

2 – Avoid placing a large number of files in a single directory. Placing many files on one directory creates contention. It is strongly recommended to split a large number of files (in the 100s or more) into multiple sub-directories.

3 – Avoid accessing small files of Lustre File Systems.


4 – Avoid accessing Exdecutables on the Lustre FS


5 – Avoid having multoiple processes oen the same file(s) at the same time