MARCC Status

The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland at College Park have selected Dell for the deployment of the new high performance computing cluster, which will be called bluecrab (not definite). The initial hardware will  contain approximately 19,102 cores divided into regular compute nodes, large memory nodes and GPU nodes. The nodes are distributed and connected using an Infiniband network (Mellanox FDR14) with a 2:1 overall topology.  In addition, there will be two types of storage. A 2.1 Petabyte (usable) high performance file system running Lustre and a second partition with 18 petabytes (raw) running under ZFS. The combined theoretical performance is approximate 900 TFLOPs.


Date Event
Nov 14, 2014 BGE power: Completed
Nov 19, 2014 Network install, testing: Completed
Nov 24 –
Dec 19, 2014
Data center testing and commissioning:Completed on 1/23/2015
End of Jan, 2015 Dell delivers IT stack. Completed
Feb 19 – March 6 2015 Site build-out Completed
March 9 – May 31, 2015 MARCC testing by vendor. Completed
May 1 –
May 15, 2015
MARCC configuration by JHU. Completed
June 1, –
July 1 2015
Beta testing. Completed
July, 2015 Production date. Completed