Co-location guidelines:

MARCC responsibilities

  1. Provide adequate infrastructure (space, power and cooling)
  2. Provide basic support for initial setup
  3. Conduct an audit of the equipment to be collocated. Start inventory
  4. Provide restricted physical and virtual access to the facility
  5. Provide detailed information on power consumption on a monthly basis.

PI responsibilities:

  1. Provide equipment (hardware) with warranty or maintenance support for at least three years. Any equipment 5+ years old will need to be replaced or surplussed.
  2. Pay for work that needs to be done to have equipment functioning. For example, power whips connections, any network fees, etc.
  3. If UPS reserve power is needed, PIs should provide it but it needs to be approved by MARCC.
  4. Professional administration is required. If professional administration is not available, MARCC may be able to provide it at a cost depending on the size of the system. Students performing system administration is not allowed.
  5. Implement security measures as needed (discuss with MARCC and IT networking/security).
  6. Provide and setup any firewalls (discuss with MARCC and IT networking/security).
  7. Racks should be metered to keep track of power and cooling consumed.
  8. Arrange with the IT network group for IP addresses and domains.
  9. Provide serial numbers to MARCC to be added to the inventory list.

School responsibilities:

  • Pay for utilities (power and cooling) used by the equipment located at the data center. Schools will be billed on a monthly basis.

Please contact us directly for co-location requests.