Please read the following documents regarding MARCC Policies:

All users must request an account using the form below. Please bear in mind that your application must be approved by your PI. Users’ accounts will give you access to MARCC resources and all activity will be charged against the PI’s allocation.

Individual user accounts will have default storage allocations:

50 GBytes. Backed up. This directory should be used to keep important files, source codes. It should not used to write files when running jobs. See SCRATCH.
1024 Gbytes per group. This space is not backed up. It should be used to read/write files when running jobs. Extensions will be considered for short times per request.
Up to 10 TB per request per group, backed up.
Per request, backed up, fees may apply.

Request an Account

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Please provide a phone number where you can be reached and we can send you text messages.

Your account must be sponsored by a faculty member.

Try using your PI's, which should work if an allocation exists. The PI will be contacted to approve this request.

Strongly recommended password safety tips:
1 – Should be at least 8 characters long
2 – It should have at least one of each: lower case letter, upper case letter, number, special character
3 – Must be changed every six months
4 – Can not use any of the last three passwords
5 – Avoid words that can be found in a dictionary