MARCC staff will provide training sessions throughout the year. Registration is required if you plan to attend. Please complete the form at this page which provides all session dates and times currently scheduled.

For a more comprehensive series of topics, please consider our tutorial series.

If you don’t already have an account on MARCC, please request one.

Introduction to MARCC (v March 2019)

“This video shows a quick introduction about using MARCC

For users of all levels, session covers topics specific to MARCC:

  • MARCC hardware, network, and authentication setup
  • MARCC file systems, backups, and quotas
  • Lmod modules to access software, compilers, and libraries
  • SLURM commands for job submission and monitoring
  • You can view a collection of uploaded videos here.

Introduction to Linux/Slurm

For users new to using a command line, this session will cover:

  • Connecting to remote clusters
  • Creating, editing, and transferring files
  • Useful shell commands to manipulate text
  • Shell scripts to automate tasks
  • Writing SLURM scripts to submit jobs at MARCC
  • Using lmod to access software at MARCC
  • You can view a collection of uploaded videos here.


From 3/2020 until new notice, please note, due to the pandemic ALL training sessions will be conducted via ZOOM. Zoom coordinates will be emailed to all users who register

Training sessions will be held at either of two locations:

The Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus in the Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy, Room 462 or 475 (check confirmation email), 3701 San Martin Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21218. Please click here for printable directions and parking information.

The East Baltimore Campus: Welch Medical Library, 1900 E. Monument Street Room 204. The room is located at the top of the stairs, to the left.

Please bring a laptop to follow along with the exercises.

MARCC Workshop Registration

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