Summer 2017: Introduction to Scientific Computing

Computers, one of the most important tools in science and engineering, find applications in all aspects of academia and industry alike. Though expected to employ this tool effectively, few scientist and engineers have been trained to harness the power at their fingertips, and most could benefit significantly from a high-level exposure to scientific computing methodology. This tutorial series will introduce many computational tools, tricks, and tips that would otherwise take years of trial and error to learn.

Due to the high demand for the Tutorial Series, the meeting place and time has changed. Please note the new location and time below.


During the summer, we will offer the tutorial series at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Mountcastle Auditorium from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm according to the following schedule:

  • Monday 29 May: Computer hardware basics (single-user, cluster)
  • Tuesday 30 May: Computer hardware basics & Connecting to a remote system
  • Monday 5 June: Linux basics (navigation, Bash, Vim, file transfer)
  • Tuesday 6 June: MARCC environment (lmod, Slurm)
  • Monday 12 June: Code repositories (Git)
  • Tuesday 13 June: C basics (compiling, linking, debugging, profiling)
  • Monday 19 June: Installing packages/libraries
  • Tuesday 20 June: Python basics
  • Monday 26 June: Python data analysis and visualization (scipy and ParaView)
  • Tuesday 27 June: Parallelization (OpenMP, MPI, Cuda)
  • Monday 10 July: Data management plans
  • Tuesday 11 July: LaTeX basics

We reserve the right to modify the above topics as the tutorial series progresses.


No prior experience is required. Please bring a laptop to participate in the tutorials.

Attendance policy

The tutorial series is designed to build on itself as it progresses and we strongly discourage skipping tutorials. For a smaller time commitment, consider attending one of our training workshops.


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