Home directories (~) on MARCC are limited to a disk quota of 20GB. For this reason, we strongly recommend using your scratch space (~/scratch/) for research data generation and manipulation. Should you accidentally fill your home directory, the system will prevent you from logging in. You can restore access without contacting the MARCC help desk using Globus by following the steps outlined below.

Connect to Globus

Globus is a research data transfer tool that MARCC provides for general file transfer capability. To learn more about Globus data transfers, read our documentation here. We will use Globus to delete enough data in your home directory to get you inside your quota and restore your access.

Navigate to the Globus website: https://www.globus.org. If you have never used Globus before, follow their documentation (Method 1) to connect. Note that Globus may provide the ability to authenticate using your research institution’s credentials.

Open the MARCC endpoint

Once connected to Globus, ensure you are in the Transfer Files application. In the left-hand pane, click inside the Endpoint field that says Start here.... Search for the MARCC endpoint by typing and select marcc#dtn. Click Continue to authenticate your connection to MARCC using your MARCC username/password and select Sign In to return to Globus.

Delete some files

Ensure your Path is /~/, which represents your home directory. Select a file or directory that you can safely delete and click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper right-hand corner of the file explorer pane. Click delete selected items to delete the selected file or directory.

Return to MARCC

Your MARCC access should now be restored. You may continue to clean up your home directory using this interface, or you may return to your standard method of connecting to MARCC to finish deleting unnecessary files in your home directory. Should you still not be able to connect to MARCC, first attempt to make additional space in your home directory by following the steps listed above. If that fails, contact marcc-help@marcc.jhu.edu for further assistance.


It is a known issue that Globus transfers will not work using Hopkins Wifi, please leverage a wired network or alternative networks.  if you try it you will see a message:

[ssh stderr] ssh: connect to host relay.globusonline.org port 2223: Connection refused